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    • 2021

    Why placement agencies for language mediators are a good thing!

    "Intermediary agencies profit, they are exploiters". As a renowned agency for language services, we are unfortunately very often confronted with such or similar prejudices.

    In our blog, we dispel these clichés once and for all. 
    We take a look behind the scenes.

    "Intermediary agencies only profit, they are exploiters", "They keep up to one third of the fee of a language mediator" ... Unfortunately, one hears such or similar comments not infrequently. You can also read about "black sheep" who occasionally "exploit" freelance interpreters and translators. 
    It is like with other things too, one remembers unfortunately more these few negative statements, instead of considering the numerous positive aspects.
    On a very sober note, we say, eyes open when choosing a job and employer. Every interpreter or translator colleague can and should examine his or her own path, weigh it up and only then go for it. The choice is between full self-employment, freelance part-time work or being an employee. 
    Enough with the negative reviews and prejudices! We, the ARIANA team, want to show that there is another way, that there are numerous fair and professional agencies in our industry. For our language mediator colleagues, we bring together the positive sides of the support provided by an agency. 
    As a successful placement agency with more than 30 years of experience and a network of more than 1000 international interpreter and translator colleagues, we know that permanent and freelance interpreters or translators can definitely benefit from a framework contract with an agency like us. 
    Of course, we also know that there are some black sheep on the market, as mentioned at the beginning. We can only warn against this and recommend that you take a close look at the agency. The company history, the reference customers and the details in the framework agreements provide information about the professionalism as well as the quality. 
    Good agencies value their freelancers and permanent employees. They pay attention to appreciation as well as fair remuneration and bind their staff to them. After all, everyone knows that acquiring good new employees is not a simple or quick matter. 
    Good agencies also constantly strive to maintain a constant volume of orders. 
    We have listed further advantages below and can name them with a clear conscience as REAL advantages. 

    Here they are, the 10 real advantages for language mediators to work with a language services agency:
    1. no need to search for and acquire clients or orders on your own
    2. placement with clients according to their own qualifications 
    3. payment security: we, the agency, pay in advance if an end client pays late or not at all.
    4. complete billing through us: no tiresome or time-consuming documentation and order processing. The agency takes care of these tasks. 
    5. full transparency in job placement and billing for freelancers and for permanent employees,
    6. exchange of experience through colleague network,
    7. expansion of our own customer network, 
    8. further education and training with our mediation and support,
    9. promotion of special additional qualifications like sales, 
    10. expansion of references or fields of activity for interpreters and translators. For example, a court interpreter can receive a factory tour as an assignment if desired and expand his or her references. A translator with a technical specialization can, if desired and with the support of our project management, venture into other industries and correct medical texts, for example.

    To understand why the fee from the end customer cannot be 100% passed on to the linguists but instead the agency retains a corresponding share, it is worth taking a look behind the scenes. We answer the question: What expenses does the placement of orders entail for the agency?
    1. here are primarily marketing measures as well as Akquise and selling activities to call:  With a high expenditure of time, personnel and money, potential customers are professionally researched, contacted and converted into real customers. Whether with a skilful web presence, costly Google ads, constantly new content on the World Wide Web and in social networks, via dialog marketing, through cross-media advertising campaigns or with cold calling. A professional agency draws on a wealth of resources to reach new customers and retain existing ones. 
    2. once the order is in the bag and in the disposition, trained employees search for the appropriate translator or interpreter colleagues according to the customer's requirements.
    3. important information from the customer regarding the order is documented by the agency and passed on to the linguists. Texts to be translated are analyzed and, through skilful project management, communicated to the appropriate translator colleagues in a targeted manner.
    4. the date, location and conditions of the assignment are negotiated, written down and, once the assignment has been successfully completed, immediately converted into an invoice for the end customer and a fee credit for the interpreter or translator. 
    These explained processes and work require administrative skills, knowledge of data protection and accounting skills. In addition, this work requires the availability and knowledge of various tools and software solutions.  

    We as an agency, but especially our employees, have the necessary know-how for this. 
    It goes without saying that we pay our employees accordingly and pass on a share of the language mediator's fee for these services, and certainly the same goes for the interpreters and translators we support. 
    In this respect, every language mediator can now decide for himself whether he can and would like to fulfill all the aforementioned tasks himself or whether he would like to make use of our professional support for this purpose without any further effort. Because we see ourselves as a solution for communication, as a mediator and supporter for customers and for the language mediators. Through us, an interpreter or translator can receive his or her order in an uncomplicated manner, pursue his or her passion as a language mediator in a relaxed manner, and receive his or her fee for it immediately. We hope that we have been able to adequately explain that this fee cannot then correspond to the 100% described at the beginning. 

    In summary, we can say that freelance colleagues clearly benefit from working with a professional agency. We believe that we create a mutual win-win situation, generate a stronger appearance together, gain more reach and form an international network. In the long term, this will strengthen and secure our industry. 
    Contact us and become part of our international network. This ARIANA community currently consists of more than 1000 national and international freelance linguists who work successfully with us.