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Professional translation and interpreting services in more than 100 language combinations -

Trustworthy and competent

For more than 30 years, ARIANA Übersetzungs- und Dolmetscherbüro GmbH has been providing language services to businesses, private individuals, public authorities, courts and government offices.

From our international network of professionals, the ARIANA community, we provide professional and sworn translators, technical translators and interpreters for every job requirement in more than 100 language combinations.

We have many years of know-how in the following areas:
- Information and communication technology
- Law (criminal law, civil law, family law)
- Electrical and mechanical engineering
- Safety engineering
- Quality assurance
- Construction sector
- Medicine.

Our performance promise to you:
More than 100 language combinations l Fast l Anywhere l 24/7 service l Best value for money.


Professional, simultaneous and word-for-word interpretation of the source text
Special occasions such as conferences, meetings, company events or festive occasions with international guests often require the use of experienced simultaneous interpreters (also conference interpreters). Every word of the respective speeches is translated simultaneously and as accurately as possible using appropriate technology.
When working with simultaneous interpreters, we recommend two experienced colleagues for one assignment who take turns every half hour. This ensures a consistently high quality of the interpretation services. Simultaneous interpreting requires the provision of technical equipment at the venue (booth or mobile equipment). Any prior, comprehensive preparation using information material on the occasion provided by the client will round off a very good interpreting assignment.

Professional summary interpretation of the source text
You are specifically looking for colleagues specializing in consecutive interpreting? Thanks to our network, the ARIANA community with more than 1000 interpreters and translators, we have a large number of qualified colleagues specialising in consecutive interpreting. The parties involved in the conversation speak in short, simply structured sentences, which are then summarised and translated verbatim by our interpreter.

Let us guide your guests through your company in a linguistically competent manner.
Are you planning to give a tour of your company or plant? Do you need an interpreter with experience in the field of plant or factory tour interpreting at a scheduled time? No problem. We will turn your factory tour into a uniquely good language experience.

Sworn interpreters for negotiations
Court hearings in particular require experienced interpreters who have been authorized by the court and are therefore sworn interpreters. We serve the courts in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, Brandenburg and Hesse. Thanks to our management team's many years of experience as court interpreters, we are certainly the right partner for you when it comes to providing professional and sworn interpreters.

Language support by telephone or video
Challenges such as a pandemic have shown us how important the digital possibilities of interpreting by telephone or video can be in overcoming spatial distances. We support your digital implementation of multilingual projects, add simultaneous interpreters by telephone or video and thus guarantee that you have international reach even in the digital realm.


Translation of private documents
You are a private person and would like to have written translations of your private documents?
From marriage certificates and letters to other private documents, we will translate them for you quickly and reliably. We are your trustworthy partner and will of course treat your personal details and document contents in the strictest confidence.

Translation of business documents
You are a corporate client and require the translation of business documents?
We support you in every way, as we are able to translate any document in more than 100 language combinations.

Translations by court-authorized translators
Authorities or government offices in particular require officially certified translations. The sworn translator's certification confirms a faithful representation of the original texts and/or the accuracy and completeness of the translation. The sworn translators at ARIANA Übersetzungs- und Dolmetscherbüro GmbH are court-authorized colleagues who will be happy to provide you with language services.

Translations of technical texts as well as urgent and large-scale projects
We guarantee the use of accurate terminology in written technical translations in more than 100 language combinations.
Thanks to our international network, the ARIANA community, and our many years of experience in various specialist areas, we guarantee the best quality of our technical translations.
Our dedicated, flexible team allows us to provide express technical translations and process urgent business correspondence.
We assign large-scale projects to experienced teams of translators and deliver your desired end product in the shortest possible time.

Full language support for video game producers
The gaming industry has been growing rapidly in recent years. The global gaming industry is booming due to technological advances in software and hardware development. Video games are becoming ever more complex and creative and virtual spaces ever more realistic, as the expectations of gamers continue to grow. Secure your market position with our support. Leave the linguistic and cultural tasks of implementing or adapting video games to us.

Translation of audiovisual works
It’s not only texts or documents that require translation, but also video, film or other audiovisual works that often need to be translated into other languages. These texts are to be interpreted, spoken or subtitled.
Audiovisual translation is determined by the quality of verbal communication, the diversity of (and change in) subject matter, and various technical requirements. We distinguish between (and work with) dubbing and subtitling, the use of superimposed voices and audio description; we also develop subtitles for the hearing-impaired.
The diversity of these tasks and topics within audiovisual translation necessitates technical expertise and many years of experience. Cultural references embedded in the text must be reproduced correctly, and onomatopoeia must be translated correctly. Both the speaker’s lip movements and the legibility of subtitles should always be included. Through our international network, we can draw on experts in all the relevant fields. These experienced sources guarantee an accomplished translation that is of the highest quality.

Machine translation
Of course, not every client needs an in-depth, detailed translation. In certain cases, it is sufficient for some customers to simply understand the main content, the core message or the primary message of a text document. We carry out this quick and inexpensive translation in the shortest possible time with the support of professional, machine-based applications, so that further work can be carried out on this text basis as required. The text’s subsequent revision by our specialist translators – a process known as post-editing – and the expert knowledge of our staff ensure the quality of the content, the terminology used, and the accuracy of the context.

 ARIANA Quality

We guarantee the highest quality and efficiency of our services.

Thanks to our quality and project management, our contractual framework and our strong team, we can guarantee the efficiency and quality of our services. Clearly defined, structured work processes guarantee high-quality translation and interpreting services from ARIANA Übersetzungs- und Dolmetscherbüro GmbH at all times.

With CAT tools like Trados, we work continuously with our international, active ARIANA community. We are able to accept any project, i.e. also any file type. SDL-Trados based translations and multi-eye proofreading guarantee continuity and best translation quality.

A native speaker will translate your text into the target language and at least one other native speaker carries out the final textual correction of the content, grammar and spelling.

We also coordinate larger translation projects together with you as the client. Your wishes and feedback flow into the translation process and are always helpful to us in further optimising the process.

When assigning the work, we use our many years of experience to carefully select the interpreters or translators for you who will work on our behalf according to their linguistic and professional qualifications. This allows us to guarantee you the highest quality of our translation and interpretation services.
Our worldwide network, the ARIANA community, consists exclusively of:
a. professionally trained specialists with a university degree or a state examination in interpreting
b. colleagues who are sworn or authorized interpreters and translators at the competent regional court,
c. native speakers who have acquired a very good knowledge of the German language as a result of training or their long stay in Germany,
d. freelance interpreters and translators who have been working for many years and can prove their professional experience and qualifications by providing appropriate references.

 Service in more than 100 language combinations!

Languages Country
Dari, Pashto, Usbek et al. Afghanistan
Albanian Albania
Arabic, French, Berber Algeria
Catalan, French, Spain Andorra
Portuguese et al. Angola
English Antigua and Barbuda
Spain Argentina
Armenian, Russian Armenia
Dutch Aruba
English Australia
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Azerbaijanian, Russian Azerbaidshan
English, Creole Bahamas
Arabic Bahrain
Bengali Bangladesh
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English Botswana
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Malaian, English, Chinese Brunei
Bulgarian Bulgaria
French, Djola et al. Burkina Faso
Burmese Burma
Kirundi, French, Kiswahili, English Burundi
Khmer Cambodia
French, English, Fulani et al. Cameroon
English, French Canada
Portuguese Cabo Verde
French Central African Republic
French, Arabic Chad
Spain Chile
Chinese-Mandarin China
Spain Colombia
Swahili-Arabic, Arabic, French Comoros
French, Lingala, Swahili, Kikongo Congo, Democratic Republic of the
French, Lingala Congo, Republic of the
Spain Costa Rica
French Cote d'Ivoire
Croatian Croatia
Spain Cuba
Dutch, English Curacao
Greek, Turkish Cyprus
Czech Czech Republic
Danish Denmark
French, Arabic Djibouti
English, French-Patois Dominica
Spain Dominican Republic
Portuguese East Timor (Timor Leste)
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Tigrinya, Afar, Tigre Eritrea
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English, Fiji, Hindi Fiji
Finnish Finland
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French, Fang, Bateke, et al. Gabon
English, Mandinka, Wolof, Fullah Gambia
Georgian, Russian Georgia
German Germany
English, Akan-Languages (Twi), Ewe, Ga et al. Ghana
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French, Fullani, Malinke et al. Guinea
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Arabic, Kurdish, Assyrian Iraq
English, Gaelic Ireland
Iwrith, Arabic Israel
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Macedonian Macedonia
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English, Chichewa Malawi
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Dhivehi Maldives
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Malti, English Malta
Malayo-Plinesian, English Marshall Islands
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English, Haussa, Igbo, Yoruba, Fulani Nigeria
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Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Balochi, English Pakistan
English, Palauan Palau
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