We provide written translations in more than 50 language combinations and in all possible fields. We prefer our freelancers to translate from a foreign language into their respective native languages to ensure that their precise knowledge of language use and stylistic sensitivity is reflected in the translation.

Written translations are charged according to standard lines, but flat rates can also be arranged with the client.

Interpreter assignments

Our office operates a 24-hours-Service with Hotline that allows you to book an interpreter in the required language combination and have him/her come to the desired location at any time. We particularly provide this service for police stations, courts, hospitals and youth welfare facilities.

We charge for Interpreting assignments according to time at an hourly rate, which also includes travel time, travel expenses and surcharges for night-time assignments and assignments on statutory holidays.

Conference interpreters

On special occasions, such as conferences, meetings and receptions with international guests, it is necessary to use simultaneous interpreters who translate the respective speeches simultaneously using the necessary technology.

For the use of conference interpreters, we generally charge a daily flat rate that takes the time-consuming preparation into account.

  • Translation
  • Interpreter assignments
  • Conference interpreters

Due to the high level of commitment, professional quality and the flexibility of our entire team, we can also handle express translations or extensive technical translations in a professional manner within the shortest time.

For translations of documents for government agencies and departments, we work with sworn translators throughout Germany who can provide the appropriate certified translations and certify these with their stamp.

We can send a reliable consecutive interpreter in the required language combination to the desired location at any time.

The assignments range from marriages, during which a sworn interpreter must be present, to accompanying managers on company tours and training courses. Our interpreters comply with all data protection requirements and are bound to secrecy.

The work of simultaneous interpreters is exceptionally demanding. For this reason, we usually use two colleagues who alternate every half-hour.

To use simultaneous interpreters, it is necessary to provide the appropriate technical equipment on site, either a booth or mobile technology. Prior to such an assignment, it is also helpful to give the interpreter every opportunity to prepare by providing him/her with all pertinent information.

Subject areas

Subject areas

We and/or our employees have many years of experience in providing interpreting services as well as written translations In the following subject areas:

  • Law (criminal law, civil law, family law)
  • Medicine
  • Electrical and mechanical engineering
  • Information and communication technology
  • Software
  • Construction (construction tenders)
  • Security technology
  • Quality assurance

We have been working successfully for years with following customers:

Jugendämter Thüringen Amtsgerichte Sachsen HOCHTIEF
Jugendämter Sachsen Amtsgerichte Thüringen BG Bau - Berufsgenossenschaft der Bauwirtschaft
Sozialämter Thüringen Landgerichte Sachsen giz - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internaltionale Zusammenarbeit GmbH
Sozialämter Sachsen Landgerichte Thüringen giz - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internaltionale Zusammenarbeit GmbH
Arbeitsämter Thüringen Staatsanwaltschaft Thüringen Thüringer Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten Rainer Wagner GmbH
Arbeitsämter Sachsen Staatsanwaltschaft Sachen Schuler Pressen GmbH
Herlios Kliniken Thüringen Landespolizei Sachsen muve GmbH
Katholisches Krankenhaus Erfurt Landespolizei Thüringen  
Uni-Klinkum Jena Bundespolizei Sachsen  
Waldklinikum Eisenberg Bundespolizei Thüringen  
Sophien-Hufeland Klinikum Weimar Justizvollzugsanstalten Thüringen  
Zentral-Klinik Bad Berka Justizvollzugsanstalten Sachsen  
Klinikum Chemnitz GmbH    
Employee qualifications

Employee qualifications

  • We only use interpreters and translators who can prove their linguistic and professional qualifications, that is:
  • colleagues who have successfully completed a university programme as an interpreter / translator,
  • who are recognized by the competent Regional Court as sworn or certified interpreters and translators,
  • who are native speakers and have acquired a very good knowledge of the German language as a result of their training and their long stay in Germany,
  • who are freelance interpreters and translators with many years of professional experience and can prove their qualifications by providing the appropriate references at home and abroad.


We will treat all information about projects, the client and his customers, of which we may become aware in connection with an interpreting or translation contract, in the strictest confidence. This provision is part of our agreements with employees and freelancers.