Our high quality services in more than 50 languages

Our high quality services in more than 50 languages

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Translation and interpreting agency for all languages

Our ARIANA Übersetzungs- und Dolmetscherbüro has successfully provided interpreting and translation services for more than 50 languages since 1992.

We work with reliable interpreters and translators around the world, which allows us to respond flexibly to all of our customers' needs. We work both for individuals and companies as well as for police and judicial authorities, hospitals or public sector institutions.

We would be happy to provide you with the following services and our extensive experience in the following areas:

Written translations

We provide written translations reliably and promptly, in all possible language combinations.

Written documents such as birth certificates, records or contracts are translated by sworn translators to ensure acceptance of the translation by the German authorities.

We translate urgent business correspondence or other written documents that are subject to a deadline within a few hours.

Technical translations and extensive documents are divided and assigned to appropriate teams of translators so that even large amounts of text can be translated in a short time.

Interpreter assignments

24 hour service:

To book an interpreter, just call our free hotline: 0800 08 44 444
where our competent customer service team is ready to take your call at any time.

We send consecutive interpreters to accompany you on company tours, tourist events and briefings, but also to support you in legal proceedings or police interviews.

Marriages, contracts or other notarial certifications require the presence of a sworn interpreter.

We use special conference interpreters for international conferences, meetings and receptions who can translate simultaneously with the help of appropriate technology.